Bees, Wasps and Yellow Jackets

As the weather becomes warmer, all insects and spiders become more active. You may be especially concerned if you see these stinging insects in your home, office or garden. Although people frequently refer to all stinging insects with a similar body shape to the honey bee as “bees, ” this is often a misnomer.

Honey bees:

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Note the honey (yellow/brownish) tint to their abdomens. Also, honey bees are rarely aggressive (unless bred with African honey bees!) and sting only once before dying. Their hives can be very large. 375 bee stings can kill a man, but it only takes one sting to kill in the case of a severe allergy to bee stings.

Paper Wasp’s:

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Notice the elongated bodies, with the obvious stinger at the end. Wasps like these can build small paper nest under the eaves of buildings. They can sting multiple times without dying and their stings are very, very painful. (I found that out personally!) They can be found in small numbers, with only a few wasps in a nest, or in much larger numbers is they are allowed to build large nests unchecked.

Yellow Jackets:

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These dangerous, pesky creatures build large nests in the ground and are often attracted to human food. Anything with protein may attract yellow jackets, because that is what they eat. It is not uncommon to see them attempt to land on a hot dog even as someone is eating it! Notice the bright yellow color of their bodies, from which they get their name. They can be quite aggressive, and generally build large nests.

What do you do if you see any of these insects flying around where you and your loved ones live work or play? You may decide to locate a nest or hive on your property. (You can do this by observing flight patterns, and larger numbers of insects entering and exiting the same place.) Then, stay away from that area and contact professionals.

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