Controlling Pests in Your Home

There are few things worse than discovering that you have pests residing inside your home. Homeowners view their houses as a place where they can relax and be comfortable, but if you have wasps, rats or birds living under the floorboards, roof and in other nooks and crannies, that peace of mind can quickly go. Controlling pests and keeping them out of your home isn’t easy, and once they are in, … [Read more...]

Pest Control Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

Now the holidays are over, your thoughts are most likely on how to tackle the New Year without losing the last bit of your sanity. The first month of the year is hectic because there's always something to check on, or someone to remind to do what you wanted them to do. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one thing that you could set up once and have it occur on autopilot, with minimal work on your … [Read more...]

Integrated Pest Control Matters

Pest control is something that affects people all over the planet, from those out in rural areas all the way up to businesses in the heart of downtown. The more focus that is done on the scientific process of taking care of insects, rodents, and other pests, the better solutions will come into play now and into the future. Trying to define integrated pest management simply by the numbers would … [Read more...]

Things you can do to keep bugs out of your garden

If you have been working hard in your garden and been spending a lot of time planning and carefully working out the layout and design then you will know, just like me, how frustrating it can be to have a garden that all of a sudden gets plagued by bugs. I work in the pest control and landscaping industry and am daily dealing with clients who are sick and tired of working all year round to keep … [Read more...]

Aphids: Prevention is better than cure!

For many years it has been widely believed that Aphids only attack rose bushes but that is not the case. Whether this is because they adapted their natural feeding environment is not known, but the fact is that Aphids will attach just about any type of plant with soft and tender parts, flowers or growing parts that they can pierce to suck out the sap. Your plants will only experience problems … [Read more...]