How to Grow In Your Garden All Year Round

The autumn months usually mean the end of gardening for many keen gardeners; the cold weather and lack of sun mean growing anything is very difficult. Many gardeners hang up their gloves and tools; waiting for the busy spring months to start. There is a way of growing through the winter and if you want to keep yourself busy this article will show you how!

A greenhouse is needed to grow during the winter months; you can easily control the temperature and atmosphere inside a greenhouse making it ideal for unpredictable British winter weather.

Traditionally greenhouses are glazed with glass; glass helps create and trap heat inside a greenhouse so plants can grow strong and healthy. Glass is not the most inexpensive option but it gives a greenhouse that traditional look most gardeners are looking for.


A more modern material now used in greenhouses is polycarbonate; this is a plastic material specially designed to glazed greenhouses. Polycarbonate is not completely clear like glass; it has a translucent appearance. It also features small ridges on its surface; these small ridges create tiny gaps where air gets trapped. The trapped air helps trap more heat inside a greenhouse and helps a greenhouse retain a more constant temperature.

Polycarbonate is also much safer than glass; it will not shatter or break. Many gardeners choose Polycarbonate Greenhouses because of its safety especially if a garden is used by children or pets.

Insulating Your Greenhouse

You will need to insulate your greenhouse during the winter months. The insulation will help keep the temperature warm inside the greenhouse during the coldest nights. You can use many different types of insulation; you can also use recycled materials like newspaper or old duvets.

Bubble wrap is a great insulator and is inexpensive too; rolls of bubble wrap can be purchased from DIY or gardening stores. Start by covering the lower panels of your greenhouse. Attach the greenhouse using tape and ensure it is not too thick; this can cut out sunlight.

Some gardeners cover the whole interior of there greenhouses but this can block out sunlight.

Once you have attached the bubble wrap to the bottom of your greenhouse you can then start to insulate the bottom of your plants. Layer newspaper until it is 5 or 6 sheets thick and wraps it around the plant pot. Tie the newspaper tight around the base of the plant with string.

The newspaper will help insulate the soil and should help stop the soil from freezing. If you want to add another layer of protection you can add scraps of an old duvet. The old duvet will add another layer of protection.

Another way of insulating your greenhouse is to make sure the gaps around the door of your greenhouse is well insulated against winds. Pack newspaper into the gaps of the door and secure with tape; this will provide a more air tight seal for your greenhouse.

Many people often think evergreens grow throughout the winter but there are many different edible plants which will grow in a greenhouse during the winter. Salad plants are perfect for a winter greenhouse. Salad leaves are easy to grow and produce a lot of edible food for the whole family. Broccoli and cauliflower also grow very well during the winter and can usually be harvested in late February.

Insulating your greenhouse for the winter months is a great way of insuring you can garden all year round. Winter growing is great for the whole family and is also a great way of saving money.

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