Aphids: Prevention is better than cure!

For many years it has been widely believed that Aphids only attack rose bushes but that is not the case. Whether this is because they adapted their natural feeding environment is not known, but the fact is that Aphids will attach just about any type of plant with soft and tender parts, flowers or growing parts that they can pierce to suck out the sap. Your plants will only experience problems … [Read more...]

Controlling Spiders around Your Home

Spiders are very common in all areas of the county. They vary in size from 1/4″ to 1″, large legs make them appear a lot larger. There are many types of spiders, some of the most popular being: 1. Brown Recluse Spiders 2. House Spiders 3. Black Widow All of these spiders live in the same environment, be hot and humid areas. To prevent spiders from entering you home there are … [Read more...]

Bees, Wasps and Yellow Jackets

As the weather becomes warmer, all insects and spiders become more active. You may be especially concerned if you see these stinging insects in your home, office or garden. Although people frequently refer to all stinging insects with a similar body shape to the honey bee as “bees, ” this is often a misnomer. Honey bees: Note the honey (yellow/brownish) tint to their abdomens. Also, … [Read more...]