Things you can do to keep bugs out of your garden

If you have been working hard in your garden and been spending a lot of time planning and carefully working out the layout and design then you will know, just like me, how frustrating it can be to have a garden that all of a sudden gets plagued by bugs. I work in the pest control and landscaping industry and am daily dealing with clients who are sick and tired of working all year round to keep their gardens looking stunning, just to have all the hard work undone by unwanted insects.

This article will contain some basic tips to help you to keep bugs out of your garden. If you want more information on pest control for specific insects, feel free to look at our upcoming articles and tips.

Types of Pest Control

There are three basic ways of doing pest control, each with their own type of results:

The first is natural pest control. This involves using the elements, animals and types of plants to help you get rid of any unwanted insects.

keep bugs out of garden

Secondly you get green pest control. This involves using products to both repel insects as well as the use of certain soils, organic fertilizers and balanced placement of plants and trees, oils and other natural or green products. You can learn more about green pest control by reading this page. This method is the least harmful to surrounding plants as well as the environment.

The third is by using chemical based pest removers. These are usually sprays, powders or small pellets that are used in strategic and well thought out places in the garden that will kill the insects. Most pest control companies offer only chemical solutions but with the current focus on global warming and gas emissions you will find more and more services also offering a green solution.

Tips for natural insect removal

If a garden is well designed it will attract specific insects and animals that will take care of the unwanted pests. Try these tips to go the natural route:

Place a birdfeeder and birdbath in your garden. This will attract birds that will take care of most of the unwanted insects. It will also add natural life to your garden.

Read up on plants that will attract other types of predators such as wasps and beetles. These predators will not only help you with insects but will also assist with pollination.

Think about a installing a water feature or small pond. The water will attract frogs that could take care of some insects. Just consult a professional before doing this as the water may attract some other unwanted insects too.

Take care of each plant individually. This way you can remove the bugs by hand. It will also ensure the health of your plants and it is a known fact that healthy plants are less prone to pests.

I hope that this will help. If not, you know how to get hold of me for any additional information.

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