For travelers who love to experience only the best in Europe, Austria is the perfect tourist destination. Most adventurous tourists book flights to Vienna because of the many activities and tourist spots in store for them here. Although Vienna is proud of its historical identity, it still embraces modern updates to its looks with open arms.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is where tourists usually start their Austrian holidays. Travelers must explore the city to know more about the art, culture, music and history of Austria. Tourists will find many classy cafes, museums, art galleries and theaters in the capital. However, there is more to Vienna than these stereotyped tourist spots. You will be able to experience the culturally-enriched romantic lifestyle enjoyed by the Viennese. Truly, the streets of the city are imbued with history and there is so much to be explored.

With a multicultural population of 1.8 million people, the city of Vienna is truly a vibrant European city. Travelers will find lots of things to do, destinations to go to and attractions to see when they visit Vienna. If you are looking for a rewarding European vacation, this is the city that you need to visit.

Habsburg dynasty

The first thing that many people will notice when they arrive is the city’s charming architecture. Most travelers get flights to Vienna to see the sights that are quite reminiscent of the old Habsburg dynasty’s glory. But while travelers can see that the city takes pride in its classical past, Vienna is also on the cutting edge of architecture and art in Europe.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Tourists will find exceptional galleries, concerts, literature, musical theater and operas in the city. The Kunsthistorisches Museum, which houses one of the greatest art collections in the world, is just one of the must-visit museums in Vienna. Travelers will marvel at the former art collection of the Habsburgs, which includes Roman and Greek antiquities.

Visitors shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Vienna and have a holiday in the city because it is full of historical and culturally important places. In fact, Vienna’s oldest district was declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and its imperial past remains a huge part of its identity.

Prater Park

Tourists will have an adrenaline rush at Prater Park. Although the park itself looks really nice, the fair is actually the one that’s more exciting for the visitor. Prater has two parts – a year-round fair and a large park. The fair may not offer as much as excitement compared to huge amusement parks, but it definitely has lots of charm.

Prater Park

Tourists who want to have a nice bird’s eye view of Vienna must ride the popular Ferris wheel in Prater Park. Those of you who are thrill seekers, Prater Park offers fun rides. The modern attractions in Prater Park will definitely get the adrenaline of the visitor pumping. You shouldn’t miss the rides, especially the antique mirror cabinet and the haunted houses. Prater Park is a highly entertaining place for visitors who want to unwind after their flights.

Tips for Planning Flights to Vienna

Before booking flights to Vienna, be sure to do your research about the city. There are many websites that can give tourists to Vienna valuable information about where to stay or what to eat in Vienna. If you want to travel during the high tourist season, it’s better if you get hotel reservations months in advance, and make sure to book your flights to Vienna at the same time. The high season for travelers to Vienna lasts from April to October and tourists should know that the most crowded months are July and August.

If you want to visit Vienna for times when there are fewer tourists around, book flights to Vienna during the off-season.  It’s a good idea to travel to Vienna during the low season because everything is much more affordable and it’s much easier to get reservations.